Poros Village

Poros village, situated 25 km south of Lefkada Town, stands as a captivating traditional village nestled amidst lush hills cascading toward the cerulean sea. This amphitheatrically built settlement is home to around 300 residents, characterised by graceful two-story houses adorned with tile roofs, lining the quaint narrow lanes.

Despite its size, Poros boasts several notable attractions, including the Church of Analipsi showcasing exquisite frescoes and 17th-century icons, along with the revered Church of the Virgin. Exploring the village unveils remnants of a 4th-century castle and an ancient olive press, adding historical depth to the locale.

During summer, Poros welcomes numerous visitors, drawn to its charm for short stays or extended vacations. A mere 4 km away, the enchanting bay of Mikros Gialos allures with its picturesque harbor where fishing boats dock. Surrounding the village lie a myriad of pristine beaches and inviting coves, perfect for exploration and leisure.

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