Eglouvi Village

Eglouvi, positioned 19 km from Lefkada’s core, emerges as a gem among mountainous villages, perched at 730 meters altitude. This charming hamlet, embraced by verdant landscapes, grants unparalleled vistas of the Ionian Sea. Home to 180 residents primarily engaged in agriculture, Eglouvi boasts fertile grounds famed for its famous, lentil cultivation, complemented by its timeless architectural allure.

Stone houses, crimson-tiled roofs, and winding alleys define the village’s traditional character. The central square, shaded by a grand plane tree, hosts a quaint old-style café, drawing locals and tourists alike during summer. The village’s serene ambiance invites visitors seeking tranquility, with scenic hiking trails amid lush forests leading to chapels, ancient windmills, and historic wells.

Ascend to the summit of Prophet Elias Hill for a breathtaking panorama of the boundless blue sea. Notably, the village celebrates a religious festival honouring the saint on July 20th, an event steeped in local tradition.

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