Kalamitsi Village

Kalamitsi village, positioned 20 km west of Lefkada Town, epitomises a charming village nestled on a verdant slope, boasting captivating panoramas of the azure sea. Renowned as one of the island’s oldest settlements, Kalamitsi exudes an aura of antiquity, adorned with ancient churches, hillside windmills, and traditional neighbourhoods.

This serene haven enjoys a tranquil ambiance and remains relatively untraveled, offering a glimpse into a preserved rural lifestyle while maintaining its authenticity. Despite its proximity to the main town, Kalamitsi retains its peaceful allure, drawing visitors seeking solace and a slower pace. Noteworthy is a delightful local restaurant renowned for its delectable fare.

Adding to its allure are the nearby ‘Kalamitsi beaches,’ including Megali Petra, Kavalikefta, Gaidaros, and Avali, known for their emerald waters — a hidden gem celebrated by locals and visitors alike.

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