One of the most breathtaking Greek islands

Lefkada, nestled among the Ionian islands, graces Greece’s western coast with its unique character and allure. Known as ‘the white island,’ a moniker derived from the striking white cliffs of its southern edge, Lefkada rests between Corfu and Cephalonia. Its Mediterranean climate bestows mild, welcoming weather throughout the year.

This island boasts a renowned collection of beaches — Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Mylos, and Kathisma, to name a few — each earning accolades for their crystalline waters and sands resembling ‘the egg of a dove,’ as described by the island’s esteemed poet, Angelos Sikelianos.

Rich in ancient history, Lefkada’s landscapes inspired Homer’s timeless poems, and the southern promontory, Lefkatas, once held the temple of Apollo and is famed as the tragic site where poetess Sappho met her fate. The island thrives culturally, nurturing literary and artistic luminaries like Valaoritis, Sikelianos, and Lefkadios Hern, who shaped Greece’s artistic heritage.

The capital, Lefkada town, captivates with its vibrant, timber-framed structures and a stunning lagoon, home to rare avian species protected by the ‘Ramsar’ Convention and the Ministry of Culture, acknowledging its exceptional natural beauty.

Enchanting beyond its mainland, Lefkada is adorned with smaller isles like Skorpios, once owned by Aristotle Onassis, and Madouri, home to poet Aristotle Valaoritis. These islands, including Skorpidi, Heloni, Meganissi, and others, add to Lefkada’s irrefutable charm.