Terms of Use

I. General information

This website https://diodati.gr (hereinafter “Website”) is owned by the sole proprietorship under the name “Dioni Kalogeropoulou”, with registered seat in Lefkada Greece (hereinafter “Diodati”), which operates as a tourist accommodation company with the distinctive title “Diodati Villas”, and it has MI.T.E. registration no. 0831Κ91000428201.

By using this Website the visitor/user agrees unconditionally to the present Terms of Use which are applicable to the whole content, pages, images, photographs and materials that are included in the Website (hereinafter “the Terms”). Therefore the visitor/user shall read carefully the Terms prior to making use of its services and if disagrees, they shall refrain from using the services and content of this Website.

Diodati maintains the right to amend wholly or partially the Terms at any time and without notice. In this respect, Diodati will upload on the Website the Terms that are applicable at the given time in order to duly inform the visitor/user. For this reason, the latter is advised to check periodically the content of the particular web pages for any amendments. By continuing to use the Website and/or its services following any amendments, the visitor/user is considered to have agreed unconditionally to the amended Terms.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.

With regards to the processing of your personal data through our Website and related services, please visit our Privacy Notice.

II. Copyright

Apart from the exceptions that are explicitly referred to herein (copyrights of third parties, of associates and institutions), the content on this Website is property of Diodati acting as administrator of the Website and protected pursuant to the applicable Greek and European copyright laws as well as to relevant international conventions. The content entails, without limitation, texts, images, plans, graphics, applications, videos and services as well as brands, trademarks and features that are owned by the administrator and/or the parties which are identified in the Website as owners of the particular rights; such rights being subject to the protection of the applicable copyright legislation.

III. License

Diodati encourages the private use of the Website’s content for personal briefing as well as for educational or research scopes. The use within the context of an enterprise or service or organisation is not considered private use. Only for educational and research purposes it is permitted to reproduce or save in isolation webpages or data provided that their origin from the Website is presented, the name of the creators (given that these are disclosed in the Website) is mentioned and that in no way are any related copyright rights infringed. However, the visitor/user shall be aware that certain files or data may be considered to be the intellectual property of third parties (associates, organisations, corporations etc) and that they may not be used without the permission of such third parties (as may be displayed in the Website).

The storage, reproduction, republication, transmission or distribution of any part of the Website’s content for commercial purposes or any other use that is not included in the above paragraph is strictly forbidden.

The storage, reproduction, republication, transmission or distribution of registered trademarks or service trademarks of Diodati as well as of collaborating entities that appear on the Website is strictly forbidden.

IV. Visitor/user responsibility

The Website shall be used exclusively for lawful purposes and in a way that will not restrict or prevent the use by third parties. Each visitor/user shall abide by the rules and provisions of the applicable Greek, European and International law and shall use the Website in compliance with the law, ethics and the present Terms. Each visitor/user is obligated to refrain from any illegal and abusive behaviour during the Website use and in connection to it and assumes all responsibility for any damages that may be caused to Diodati and/or third party from any misconduct or unfair use of the Website and related services that are offered through it.

V. Links

The Website may contain links to other websites or allow, now or in the future, access to websites through links, hyperlinks and/or advertisement banners of third parties individuals or corporations.

Such links are provided for the convenience and informative purposes of the users. Use of any of these links is made at the sole risk and responsibility of the visitor/user. These third parties’ websites are subject to their own terms of use for which Diodati assumes no responsibility nor any connection.

Diodati assumes no responsibility and makes no representation for the content, the privacy policy, the accuracy, lawfulness, timeliness, quality, safety of other websites through such links nor for the servers by which the Website and the other websites are accessed by the visitor/user. Diodati cannot be held liable for any deficiencies or malfunction of third parties’ websites as well as for any damages of the visitor/user arising from the access and use of any information, services and products through such websites.

VI. Validity – Liability limitation

Diodati undertakes every effort to ensure that the content and information in this Website is characterised by, to the extent possible, accuracy, comprehensiveness, timeliness and availability. However, Diodati makes no representation whatsoever that the web pages, services, selections or content will be provided without interruptions or deficiencies nor does it guarantee that all deficiencies may be rectified. In addition, Diodati does not make any representation or warranty that the Website or any third parties linked websites or servers will be provided without “viruses” or other harmful elements. Diodati does not in any way represent or warrant the accuracy or availability of the content, webpages, services, selections or their results. Diodati assumes no responsibility for any kind of damages that the visitor/user may suffer from the use, on their own initiative and knowledge of the Terms, of the webpages, services, selections and content of the Website.

Each visitor/user shall take all appropriate security measures (e.g. firewalls etc) prior to any download from the Website. The visitor/user bears the cost of any corrections or repairs while Diodati is in no way liable for such costs. The visitor/user is responsible for the access to the Website which may be subject to payment of third parties’ fees (e.g. internet service providers, fees for the time of stay online). The visitor/user is exclusively responsible to pay the relevant fees. Moreover, the visitor/user is solely responsible for their personal equipment and necessary technological means that allow them to access the Website’s services.

VII. Miscellaneous / Governing law

The invalidity, in whole or in part, of any provision of these Terms due to failure to comply with the relevant applicable law shall in no way affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

The present Terms constitute the entire binding agreement between Diodati and the Website’s visitor/user.

An amendment of the present Terms shall not be valid nor considered as part of the Terms unless it is recorded and proven in writing and incorporated in the present Terms.

The present Terms, and any amendment thereof are governed by and interpreted in accordance with laws of Greece and of the European Union as well as with relevant international conventions. Any disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens, Greece.