Athani Village

Athani, situated 36 km northeast of Lefkada Town, stands as a captivating mountain village home to around 200 residents, predominantly engaged in agriculture and tourism. Its history echoes tales of Italian settlers, later joined by Spanish-speaking Jews in the late 15th century. During the 1950s and 1960s, numerous locals sought opportunities elsewhere, dispersing to various Greek cities and abroad.

Despite its evolution into a hub for visitors, Athani retains its charm with a blend of modern amenities like markets, services, quaint cafes, and dining spots amidst an ambiance of traditional architecture, ancient dwellings, and small churches. Nestled near renowned beaches such as Porto Katsiki and Egremni, Athani boasts proximity to captivating natural wonders.

A short distance away lies the Lefkada promontory, offering mesmerising vistas of the Ionian Sea and breathtaking sunsets. This area holds historical significance, with the ruins of the ancient Apollo temple nearby, alongside the legend of Sappho’s tragic love. Combining natural allure with historical richness, Athani remains an intriguing gem on Lefkada’s west coast, accessible also via bus from Lefkada Town.

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