Sivota Bay

Sivota bay, a 35 minute drive from Diodati Villas, stands as one of Lefkada’s most captivating bays, positioned 32km south of the island’s capital. Embraced by lush hills and verdant forests, this settlement encircles a crystalline blue cove overlooking the majestic Ionian Sea.

The village’s charming port offers a safe haven for private yachts, complemented by the nearby main beach. Sivota has emerged as a favoured tourist hotspot on the island, characterised by serene daytime vibes and vibrant nightlife. It’s a preferred destination for yacht enthusiasts, boasting stunning beaches renowned for their pristine waters, white sands, and untamed landscapes. However, many of these idyllic spots are accessible primarily by boat.

Along the quaint port of Sivota, visitors can relish delightful experiences at fish taverns and restaurants, offering delectable local cuisine amidst a picturesque setting.

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