Lefkas Town

Lefkas Town, a mere 20 minute drive from Diodati Villas, serves as the island’s bustling commercial center, boasting unique shopping experiences. The quayside road south of the causeway entrance thrives with activity, hosting a vibrant marina and various cafes and restaurants.

The heart of town, the ‘Pazari’ or High Street, is a haven for both shopping and café delights. As the morning unfolds, a coffee break in the central square unveils the spirited essence of the locals! Influenced by Venetian, post-Byzantine, Turkish, and English styles, the town’s architecture paints a rich historical tapestry.

Venturing through the town’s quaint alleyways, known as ‘Kantounia’, reveals the unique ‘pontelarisma’ architectural style — a wooden framework once employed as earthquake protection, now adorned in vibrant corrugated iron. Lefkada Town, the island’s capital, nestled in the northeast, boasts an 8,000-strong population largely involved in agriculture and tourism. It surrounds a natural harbor and, despite the devastating earthquakes of 1948 and 1953, preserves remnants like the robust Agia Maura fortress, constructed in 1300 to thwart pirate raids.

Linked to the mainland by a narrow channel, the harbor entrance greets visitors with a verdant square, setting a cheerful town ambiance. The lively precinct features accommodations, cafes, and shops, while the central Agios Spyridon square, named after a 17th-century church, exudes historic charm. Numerous captivating churches like Agios Nikolaos, Agios Dimitrios, Pantokrator, and more dot the town, showcasing Ionian School of Painting works.

Mela Street captivates with its charming arcades, a delightful route offering views of charmingly corrugated shop fronts. Dotted around are fascinating museums — Archaeological Museum, Angelos Sikelianos House Museum, Gramophone Museum, and Folklore Museum — housing treasures from the island’s past. The central bus station in Golemi Street, opposite the yacht marina, ensures seamless travel to major Greek cities, Lefkada’s villages, and select beaches.

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