Agia Mavra Castle

Location: Town.

The Castle of Agia Mavra in Lefkada: In year 1204 the island of Lefkada was an integral part of the dominion of Hepiros. However in the year 1294, Lefkada was captured by the French and was bestowed as a gift to John who was at that time the Count of Orsini. With the passage of time he built the foundations of the Aghia Mavra Castle, which can still be seen standing upright at the island’s entrance. The castle of Agia Mavra is ideally located close to Chora and it is an excellent example of fortress architecture. At the time of inception, in the medieval period, the entire neighborhood was named Castle of Agia Mavra and historians believe that for quite sometime the name was used to indicate the whole of Lefkada island. This magnificent castle was built in the 14th century. It has undergone extensive renovation and has been very well preserved to this day. It was built by the erstwhile rulers of Sicily with the primary goal of protecting the old town. An elegant church dedicated to Agia Mavra is located here, and it comes alive during the summer season with a plethora of cultural events that draw many visitors. In its hey days, the castle’s interior had cisterns, quarters and administrative buildings. The Frankish knights named the castle in the everlasting memory of the country of origin.


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