Agios Ioannis Antzoussis church

The church of Agios Ioannis Antzoussis in Lefkada

Location: Agios Ioannis.

The small chapel of Agios Ioannis Antzoussis is built literally into a rock, above Agios Ioannis beach. This small whitewashed chapel which is the oldest church of Lefkada dates back to the 16th century and it was built by Franks on the site of an ancient church. It distinguishes for its stone roof and its old bell tower. This is considered as an important and holy church for the island of Lefkada as Apostle Paul is said to have preached in its yard in the 1st century A.D, during his journeys to spread Christianity. Inside this small church, there are rare Byzantine icons that depict Orthodox saints and scenes from the Bible. Although no Holy Masses are celebrated there, except in few occasions, the church of Agios Ioannis Antzoussis is frequently open for visitors. The atmosphere inside is solemn.


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